Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Lazy Day at the Races

I spent part of Monday, the 12th of March, as the race track.  In Phoenix, that means Turf Paradise.  It was a warm day in the 80s andI had a camera.

I ran into a nice fellow who told me how scientific he bets.  I told him I look for a name, a sort of commandment from God, as a guide.  For instance, if a horse is named “Wildcat Jim” then he gets $2 to win.   The other method I use is to look at the last serial number on a dollar bill.  On this day, it was 2.  So I put $2 on the 2 horse.  Guess what?  The two horse won!  I got $16.80, enough to pay for a beer and a few hot dogs.  

I used a Canon 5d Mark IV and Tamron’s wonderful 28-300mm lens on my short visit.

Until My Next Adventure,
(Cave Creek Rodeo!)
See You On Down the Road!

… and all the photos!

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