Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show 26 Feb 2017

I photographed parts of the last day of the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show with a Canon 5D Mark IV and 28-300mm Tamron lens. 
Our friend Callista (along with husband Rick), who was with us, asked me an important question.  "How is the competition judged?"  Here is a link from the Scottsdale Arabian Horse site. It's actually a very good question.  I go in blind to that and look for interesting things to photograph.  But if you know more about the sport, I think it would make photographing much easier and more fun.  So next year, I will learn more about the rules!

One of the other features of this show was the HUGE western and horse shopping area.  Liberty Wildlife brought out some rescued birds and there were rescue dogs displaying their skills too.  And there were RESCUED dogs up for adoption.  By the way, this is a dog friendly event.  

Until My Next Adventure

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