Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sedona Arizona Scenic Portraits 16 June 2012

Erin Goofs Around With Expensive Canon Gear
Combine the breathtaking beauty of Sedona’s Red Rock Country, three lovely models, and the able guidance of photographer Bruce Dorn and Gina and  Adam from Canon.  What do you get?  Hard work that paid off and a lot of fun.  But oh my, the next day I was sure sore!

Alex and Erin at Play
There are no easy footpaths to the locations we wanted to photograph.  Often we made our own trails.  It was either loose rocks or slippery creek beds and several on our trip succumbed to the moss-bottomed creek; one lady even dunked her Canon camera, which later would not turn on.  If that ever happens to you, try to get it dry immediately.  Use a hair dryer carefully when you get back to civilization.  Give it a good night sleep to try to dry out.  Here’s another idea:  put the camera in a bag of rice.  Rice sucks up moisture like nothing else. 

Erin in the Oak Creek Rocks

Arizona sun makes for crazy shadows.  So I used both available light and at times used fill flash on the models.  My Canon 7D supports infrared wireless Canon flash.  I used the 580EX.  I also brought a flash cord along too, because sometimes the IR connection doesn’t work in bright sunlight.  By the way, salutes go to Erin, Alex, and Britt.  They were good sports through a very long day.  I tend not to pose models very often.  I’d rather catch them doing something interesting in a sort of “photojournalistic” style.  I also like to capture a person’s personality. 

Sexy Alex
I was happy I made a last minute decision not to take off my shoes and socks and wade into the Oak Creek.  I saw several people go in with the camera equipment and slip and fall.  NO THANKS.  Camera equipment is just too expensive for that.  I still think I got some good shots from along the shore. 

Britt off of Schnebly Hill Road

After lunch, we headed up Schnebly Hill Road.  Now that was an adventure.  Warning... don’t try this road unless you have a four-wheel drive jeep-like vehicle.  It was about 45 minutes of non-stop throwing you around the cabin of the vehicle.  But the scenery was worth it. 

Alex WAAAY Up High

Next up for me is the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop.  Then in mid-July off to Prague and down the Danube River!

Keep Shooting!

Here are all of my Sedona photos from Flickr...