Sunday, April 21, 2019

Shari Rowe at Arizona Horseman’s Challenge and Expo 20 April 2019

Before watching, listening, and photographing Shari Rowe at the Arizona Horseman’s Challenge and Expo on 20 April 2019, we had time to watch some of the horse and horse trainer competition.  I'm used to rodeo, but these competitions for trainers take some eight hours over a few days.  

Then Shari and her band went into the arena and I got a close up and personal view of them, watching to make sure I didn't step in horse #%$#.  

I photographed Shari a few years ago (2016) at Country Thunder Arizona.  

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... And here's a slideshow from my time with Shari Rowe.

.. And a few photos from the horse competition.

Friday, April 19, 2019

At the Roadrunner 13 April 2019

I've lived in north Phoenix for over 18 years.  I thought I knew interesting and great places to visit and photograph in my area.  And then I found the Roadrunner Saloon in New River, about 14 miles straight north of me, off the I-17.

What fun!

It's a large bar with a band stage and bull riding arena.  So I contacted them to make sure my camera would be welcome, too.  You never know nowadays.  

First off, the burgers are massive and good.  Next time, I think I will try it with their cole slaw.  There were just too my fries!  

Anyway, I walked over to the arena and they had the little people mutton busting (children riding sheep), then the novices or first timers rode very very tame bulls.  

Then Hollywood Yates and the Hitmen played.  

That was followed by the serious bull riders.  I was a wee bit surprised because these were serious bulls and serious riders.  The competition was better than I thought.  Sadly, the arena was full and I didn't get a chance to photograph from my usual perch on the top row.  That will be for another visit.

Special shout-out to Josh, the Roadrunner videographer, for coming over and saying hi.  

I've also posted photos on Flickr and on my portfolio site on SmugMug.

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... And here's a slideshow from my visit to the Roadrunner!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Cave Creek Rodeo 24 March 2019

The Cave Creek Rodeo in Arizona has to be the best small PRCA sanctioned rodeo in North America.  I've photographed this rodeo for about ten or more straight years and it is an absolute joy.  The best group of folks around.  

Images were made with a Canon EOS R and Canon 70-200mm lens.  Post processing in Lightroom and Photolemur.

Usually bull riding comes last.  This time around for this finals event they started with bull riding, part one, and ended with bull riding part two.  Kind of an interesting way to do it.  There's a lot of tradition involved in rodeo and I have to think people like things the way it's always been done, but this worked out well.  

The bulls were especially nasty today as I don't remember more than one cowboy sticking around past eight seconds. Somebody did.  The all-around cowboy was JC Mortensen, winning $1,858 for bareback riding and bull riding. 

The featured event is always bull riding.  But before that the ladies of rodeo perform at barrel racing.  And what a show they put on!  

Here's a complete list of Cave Creek Rodeo winners.  And great professional stock was again supplied by the Cervi Brothers.  

And the Cave Creek Rodeo ends with the horse stock running around the arena.  

I've also posted the Sunday finals photos on Flickr and on my portfolio site on SmugMug.

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... And here's a slideshow from the Cave Creek Rodeo!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Cozumel-Caymans-Jamaica on RC Liberty of the Seas

The Texas School of Professional Photography sponsored a Caribbean cruise February 2019 that visited Cozumel, the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica, courtesy of the Liberty of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship.  

The first port of call was Cozumel, where we had a private party aboard a pirate ship!  This was just flat out fun and silly.  The pirates aboard fed us food and grog and we all danced... many snorkeled in the calm sea.  For really no good reason, I stayed aboard ship thinking I'd have something to photograph.  All I got was tiny bouncing heads in the water.  Lesson learned.  

Our second stop was George Town in the Caymans, a British West Indies territory.  We visited "Hell" which... well, take a look below.  

And, the Caymans glass bottom boat.  The captain of the ship donned scuba gear and went below to feed the fish.

Our last stop was Jamaica, where we visited the Green Grotto and Dunn's River Falls.

A few highlights onboard included an ice show.  And a galley tour with Sous Chef Ramone.  "Yeah Mon!"  So this is how they feed thousands of guests in three decks every day!

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... And all the photos from the trip!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Phoenix Suns and Golden State 8 Feb 2019

I covered the Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns game Friday 8 February 2019 for a Spanish publication called The Wing.  I was also at Phoenix Talking Stick Arena for a University of Arizona event celebrating alums Steve Kerr, Andre Iguodala, and Deandre Ayton.

Here is the article I submitted to The Wing:

Golden State Downs Phoenix Suns
(Photographs and story by James Gordon Patterson)

(Phoenix, Arizona - 8 February 2019) —-  The bad news is the Phoenix Suns defeat at home against the defending world champion Golden State Warriors marked the thirteenth straight loss for the home team. 

The good news for the Suns is they fought hard through the whole game to finally lose in the fourth quarter 117 to 107 after a Golden State 23 to 6 run in the fourth quarter put the game away.  

Warriors coach Steve Kerr after the game smiled but said “they outplayed us the whole night.”  

For around 200 fans, it was also University of Arizona night at Talking Stick Arena in downtown Phoenix.  After the game, Arizona graduates Steve Kerr and Deandre Ayton came down to the court after the game to talk to the Arizona Wildcat fans in attendance.  

Ayton, by the way, scored 23 points with 12 rebounds. 

With this loss, the Suns stand at 11 and 46.  Golden State is at 39 and 15.


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... And all the photos from the game!