Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Vintage Planes in Prescott 7 June 2020

Canon graciously sponsored a shoot with vintage airplanes and models with Explorer of Light Bruce Dorn.   A few years ago, I took a class with Bruce photographing models in Oak Creek Canyon.  He has a cinematography background from Hollywood and is a treat to work with.

We had a few hours to capture images of vintage World War Two planes with models!

I captured images with a Canon EOS R and Tamron 15-30mm wide angle.   Post processing with Lightroom and Luminar 4 (quickly becoming my go-to Lightroom plugin!).   

I bought the Tamron wide angle based on reviews and how nice it would work with astrophotography and real estate.   But look how well it worked photographing planes!

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Watch the entire slideshow below!

Bull Riding at the Buffalo Chip 6 June 2020

Cave Creek is a neat western town minutes north of Phoenix and Scottsdale.   I've always considered it an escape from the city.   But this #$%$ virus has shut so much down.   People were cooped up and wanted out.   

So the Buffalo Chip opened up their little arena on the 6th of June to feature bull riding.  We sat in the VIP section and it was perfect for photography.   I used a Canon EOS R and a Canon 24-240mm lens.   I think the longest reach I used was around 100mm, that's how close I was to the action.

They had four sessions of about eight cowboys a session.  

There were some amatuer riders and some darn good professional riders.  You could tell the difference.  And it made for great action to capture!

And between one of the sessions, they brought out the little cowboys and cowgirls in something called "mutton busting."

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Watch the entire slideshow below!

Monday, June 29, 2020

Photography Around the House

I, like everybody else in the world, had a lot of time waiting out the #$%$@ virus.   I spent much of that time thinking  about things to photograph

Driving around my neighborhood, I saw flowers I didn't have.   So I marked down houses I wanted to visit.   I also had plants and flowers I wanted to photograph in my own yard. 
I tried using a telephoto lens for close ups using natural light.   I also used a Canon EOS R, Canon 100mm macro lens, and Canon 14-EX-II ring lite for times when a plant or flower was partially in shade.  

One day I was in the back with my Canon EOS R and Tamron 100-400mm lens. 

And two birds showed up.

Both photos post processed in Lightroom and Luminar 4. 

And I worked on some home food and product photos, as well.  I mostly used the Canon 100mm macro lens.

The moon was full in April.  But it was in the wrong place, directly behind me.   So I photographed the moon, then photographed my back yard.   Then, put the moon in my backyard photo with Photoshop.   

From mid-March on, I also went to many webinars sponsored by Photoshelter, Canon, and probably the best from Tamron.   I'm also a Tamron VIP member, so if you have Tamron lenses check out the VIP section to see if you are eligible.   

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