Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Day at the Turf Paradise Races

I’ve photographed at Turf Paradise in Phoenix, Arizona many times.  So nothing new there.  What WAS new was my second camera, the Canon G3X.  It is smaller and lighter than my main camera, the Canon 5D Mark IV, and cost a lot less.  My thinking was to take this camera and force myself to use it!  It’s the only way to learn a new piece of technology.

This camera can shoot in raw, which is nice for post processing (I use Lightroom primarily).  One question I wanted answered was can I shoot in burst mode.  The answer is yes you can… I did have to put the elector in the sports mode category to do that and then it only saved in jpg format. 

All-in-all, the camera performed well as a second camera.  It doesn’t make me want to give up my 5D Mark IV, that’s for sure.  But now I know I can carry this little beauty with me if I don’t want to haul the heavier 5D Mark IV and the heavier lenses. 

Until My Next Adventure

See You On Down the Road!

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