Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jim Visits the New Apple Store in Arrowhead

The new Apple store opened Saturday July 26, 2008 in Arrowhead Mall.  I avoided that on opening day, having heard .  HOWEVER, did go to the store today (Sunday).  It was crowded, but not so much that I couldn't find the manager.  

Notice this picture was taken outside the store. Apple officials explained what I did outside the store was fine but if I wanted an inside the store shot, I'd need special permission, yada yada.  

Here's the fun news for faculty, staff, and students:  If you purchase a Mac by September 15, you get a free iPod PLUS a 10% education discount.  I priced those iPods and they are in the $150+ range, so that's a smokin' deal.  

Here is something I'm going to set up for college faculty, staff, and students this fall.  I met the Arrowhead Apple Manager, Jason Wambolt.  He and I will set up a PVCC day at Apple where they will show off their hardware and software in their new training auditorium.  It should be a cool event.  I will let you know when I have a date set.  In the meantime, now you have a friend at Apple - Arrowhead.  Use my name.  Jason can be reached at or you can visit the Apple Arrowhead Store.  

Oh, one more thing I want to share with you.  Most of you know about TechSmith's Camtasia, the program that allows you to record your screen action and voice for dvd and export to the web?  Well, they have a free service called Jing which allows much of what Camtasia can do but limits you to five minute clips.  You can save your Jing video to your computer or upload to their free servers.  It's available for Mac and the other guys.