Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Olympic National Park Washington

Olympic National Park in the far northwest part of the state of Washington is cloudy, cool, desolate... and quite beautiful!  It's also 180 degrees in climate in every way from my home base of Phoenix, Arizona.  

I was based in LaPush, Washington, about 5'ish hours from SeaTac airport.  The area is owned by the Quileute Nation.  

James and Little James islands (the Quileute people call it A-ka-lat) are considered very important to the native people in the area.  In addition to my photographs, you can see what the area looks like in real time by clicking this webcam link

In addition to the various beaches in the area, there is also the Hoh Rain Forest which gets 12 to 14 feet of rain a year.  Yes.  FEET of rain!  Phoenix, where I live, is lucky to get 8 inches of rain a year. Look how lush it is. 

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Jim Patterson

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