Monday, October 17, 2016

USC at Arizona Wildcats Field Level Photos 15 October 2016

Saturday 15 October I got back into media work by photographing the USC at Arizona football game from the field.   My first real job as a 16 year old was at a radio station and I worked in news for many years beyond that.  I fought taking a photo journalism class at the University of Arizona because, as I said, “I’m a radio guy!”  I came to photography around 2003 when digital became the rage and now I love it!

University of Arizona Athletics Departments’ Callista Balko Elmore and Tom “Theo” Theodorakis arranged this for me.  Quite a surprise.  I’m sure they knew I was a photographer (and college professor) but I never said anything about wanting to shoot a game. 

I tried to act really cool when Callista gave me the news, but hey after I hung up the phone I noticed my hands shaking, haha. 

There are a few shots I’ve included that Marni took of me on the field.  Makes me look like I know what I’m doing! 

I shot with a Canon 5d Mark IV on high burst rate, ISO 100 (bright sunlight), and at least 1/1000 second shutter.  Aperture priority most of the time at f/5.6.  I used the Tamron 150-600mm lens and a Manfrotto monopod. I edited with Lightroom, mostly cropping and dodge and burn stuff. 

It was HOT on the field.  At one point they put on the big screen that it was 137 degrees on the field.  I think it was hotter.  I do wish there was water on the field for the media people because this desert heat can be a killer. 

All in all a great experience and maybe you’ll find some photos here you enjoy!

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Jim Patterson

Photos from Flickr ...and, here are all the keeper photos!