Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Prescott Arizona August 2020

By August of 2020, the Wuhan Virus and the intense heat of Phoenix got quite old.  So I had to get out and go somewhere.   I didn't want to go by plane or travel long distances.  I thought it best to stay within Arizona.   Prescott called!   It's a mile high city and certainly will be cooler than Phoenix.   I checked directions and it said base camp (Forest Villas) was an hour and a half away!   

Lots to do and see in Prescott.   My equipment:  Canon EOS R, Canon 24-240mm lens and, for Forest Villas interior shots, the Tamron 15-30mm lens and Manfrotto tripod.   

Downtown Prescott's focu
s is the lovely Yavapai courthouse.   Around that area are plenty of places to shop and eat.  

Not far away is Watson Lake.  

... and a sample of wildflowers there!  

Forest Villas has beautiful interiors, so I took shots on a Manfrotto tripod with a Tamron 15-30mm lens, all high dynamic range (three photos combined into one) post edited with Lightroom and Luminar 4.

They had a lovely white piano on the main floor, too.   

Outside of Prescott was Granite Creek Vineyards.  Time to get a bottle of wine!   Here's a peek at their vineyard.

And a close up of the grapes!  

And a visit to the Heritage Park Zoo!  

Downtown, the Hassyampa Inn has beautiful interiors filled with antiques!  

The Inn has the oldest elevator in Arizona, too.   It's a "fun" ride, folks.   

Oh yes, the Verde Canyon Railroad... a three hour trip through the Verde Valley!  Go first class... they have a bar on board and a snack tray.   

The Sharlot Hall Museum downtown is a must visit.   You will learn much about early Arizona.   Prescott was the territorial capital too.  I took this shot in a nearly dark room, by the way.   

Finally, a last visit downtown... Salvatore the "Grumpy Sicilian" makes the best pizza in town.  He's on Whiskey Row, across from the county courthouse.  Tell him I sent you.   

And a downtown protest.  One group had a beef with the local animal pound; the other group was protesting the Wuhan Virus lockdown in Arizona.

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