Monday, October 26, 2020

Lake Pleasant Arizona October 2020

Lake Pleasant Marina
A lovely day in the desert this October day, with temperatures in the lower 80s.   This is the marina at Lake Pleasant, a man-made lake in Peoria, Arizona, just a few miles to the northwest of Phoenix.   

Just outside of Dillon's restaurant (by the way, I am addicted to their barbecue beans) there was a water slide tower.   I captured a few images of people going off that thing.

Today's purpose was to take the naturalists boat cruise around the lake.   Lots of things to learn.   

There is fishing in the lake.   There is bass and what we called panfish from my youth in Michigan.   

On the shoreline on the north side of the lake has wild burros.   The tour guide said those burros are the descendants of gold miners from a hundred years ago or more.   When the gold ran out, the miners left everything there including their animals.  

And, we are in the Sonoran Desert, so the shoreline also had a number of saguaros.   

Until My Next Adventure,

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Jim Patterson

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