Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show 16 February 2020

Scottsdale hosted the 65th Arabian Horse Show.   This is from a visit I made on Sunday 16 February for the afternoon show.   The entire show ran from 13 to 23 February.    
Just outside the arena was the largest horse-related shopping area I’ve ever seen.   

Some of the events that afternoon were the English Pleasure Championship, the Hunter Pleasure Championship, and the always popular Arabian Mounted Native Costume Championship.   

The arena always presents challenges for the photographer. The lighting is uneven.   Plus, it’s mixed lighting between sunlight and artificial light.   I captured images with a Canon EOS R and the Canon 24-240mm lens.   I opened the aperture to f/4 and ISO usually around 3200.   I used Lightroom in post processing, along with Luminar 4 and some selected images I also used Topaz Simplify 4.

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Here's a slideshow of all of my photos.... ENJOY!

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