Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Turf Paradise 11 March 2017

I spent another lovely Phoenix, Arizona afternoon at Turf Paradise.  This time the attraction for families was wiener dog races.  The special events always brings a crowd and it was no different on this day.  

To the left, it looks like a parade of wiener dog handlers going through the throng of people.  Wiener dogs for ME meant a sale on hot dogs and I had a few while visiting!

Although it was the 11th of March, it was nearly 90 degrees.  What made the visit fun for me was I had a chance to talk to people visiting from Wisconsin and Illinois.  They looked confused so I shared some tips on where to sit, for instance.  I like it up on the top deck... best view for photography, I think.  And I gave some betting tips.  Like:  take out a dollar bill, what is the last serial number?  Bet THAT horse!  

Until My Next Adventure

See You On Down the Road!

Photos from Flickr ... and, here are all the keeper photos!

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