Thursday, March 30, 2017

Eric Church in Concert 28 March 2017

eric church in phoenix
Country music artist Eric Church came to Phoenix the end of March and played to a sold out arena downtown.  Eric was the sole performer in two sets and did not disappoint his fans.  
eric church plays country music in phoenix

I was smart enough to contact the arena ahead of time to find out what their camera policy was.  In this arena, they do not permit "professional cameras."  They define that as any camera with a detachable lens.  I get that.  All it take is one numbskull to bring a huge 600mm lens and bop people in the head.  If you shoot events like this, also note they will NOT allow tripods or monopods.
eric church in phoenix taken with a canon G3x camera

This kind of even is exactly why I have a second camera.  My first camera is the Canon 5D Mark IV.  My second camera is the Canon 3Gx with a built in lens that zooms to 600mm.  Now, it will never replace my main camera.  For one thing, it can't take rapid fire shots for action sports.  But it does save photos in raw format and gives me about every other freedom in options.  
eric church and drummer in phoenix, arizona

I shot all of these with a wide open aperture of f/2.8 and an ISO of 3200.  Post processing mostly with Adobe Lightroom.

Until My Next Adventure

(Cave Creek Rodeo, then Country Thunder) 

See You On Down the Road!

eric church in blue light towers in phoenix, arizona

Photos from Flickr ... and, here are all the keeper photos!

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