Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New MacPhun Intensify Released!

BEFORE Intensify Pro 1.02
May 20, 2014 - The new MacPhun Intensify release 1.02 is out and it adds additional RAW file support for more cameras, more fully integrates features from Apple’s latest Macintosh OS (Mavericks), introduces the Macphun Print Lab (powered by MILK Books) and adds the ability to export
AFTER Intensify Pro 1.02
images to SmugMug, increasing the software’s sharing capabilities.

You can run the regular and “pro” versions as a standalone. With the pro version, you can edit from within Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Aperture, or my favorite, Lightroom.
BEFORE Intensify Pro 1.02
I've used Intensify Pro before and here are a few before and after examples, done from within Lightroom. What I do is right click on the photo I want to edit in Intensify Pro from Lightroom's film strip, then EDIT IN, INTENSIFY PRO. Then, Pro will open and I'm ready to try any of the presets or use some of the custom controls.
AFTER Intensify Pro 1.02

For these before and after shots, I used Intensify Pro from within Photoshop Creative Cloud.  You can see the difference.

Some of the key new features, according to the MacPhun people, include:

BEFORE Intensify Pro 1.02
Macphun Print Lab - Intensify photos can now with a few clicks be turned into personalized products like postcards and notecards, delivered direct. Affordable, high quality gallery frames and canvas prints can also be ordered, perfect for gifts to friends and family. The Macphun Print Lab is powered by MILK Books.

Integration with SmugMug - SmugMug is one of the world's leading photography communities with millions of users worldwide. Images can be exported directly from Intensify to SmugMug portfolios for viewing, sharing and printing.
AFTER Intensify Pro 1.02

RAW Updates - Intensify now supports RAW formats from all the most popular cameras. The native RAW processor supports 16-bit images and opens files faster than in any other app.

Mavericks Support - Intensify is now taking advantage of all the powerful features of Apple's latest OS, Mavericks. Support for the new Notifications feature will enable more timely communications with customers about updates, new features, free presets and more.
BEFORE Intensify Pro 1.02

And, additional shortcuts to the user interface provide quick access to the most important tools and features.
AFTER Intensify Pro 1.02

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