Saturday, April 28, 2012

Clay Blackmore Visits Phoenix Area

Million dollar photographer and photo educator Clay Blackmore visited the Phoenix area on 22 and 23 April 2012.  The Sunday session was a public workshop where he demonstrated his lighting and posing techniques.  Monday's workshop was limited to twenty and this is where we got experience shooting models, both outdoors and in the studio at Tempe Camera.  

Clay is to the left, outside at a bus stop, showing how he would pose this model.  

While we were outside Tempe Camera, I noticed this reflective glass and asked the young man to the right with the camera if he'd pose.  Clay ran up and said, "get his face right up on the glass."  I must admit that worked a lot better than my original pose that had his face further from the glass.  Here, you can see Clay's reflection as he's giving instructions.  Clay teaches the importance of knowing your models name and using it.  Ummm, the model at the top is Tommy, I do remember that!

The young lady pictured below is obviously gorgeous.  This was taken outside while she was covered with a palo verde tree, providing even light over her red skin and hair.  

Later in the day, we worked with models in the Tempe Camera studio.  One of the interesting things Clay did was take a video of the model, then project it over her while we took photos.

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