Thursday, February 3, 2022

Barrett-Jackson Car Show Scottsdale 30 January 2022

I've never photographed at a car show.  So I started with the biggest and most famous one, the Barrett-Jackson Car Show in Scottsdale.

I think it was smart of me to come just as they opened in the morning.   Even then, the place was packed.   And there were acres and acres of vehicles from old cars, muscle cars, race cars, and trucks.

As this was my first car show, I learned next time take a wider (15mm/16mm) lens!   

I even got a chance to race a car in a simulator, although that didn't work out all that well for me.  

Until My Next Adventure,

See you on down the road,

Jim Patterson

Click on the Image Below to See All of My Images from Barrett-Jackson

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  1. I always love to know about the competition.In this perception, I have found your blog post pretty informative. By the way, the cars are looking pretty much fascinating.


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