Thursday, June 3, 2021

Visit to the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium 23 May 2021

Canon and Tempe Camera sponsored a visit to the Wildlife World Zoo in late May in Litchfield Park, Arizona.  So there were many photographers on the premises.   They were loaning lenses but I thought I'd be ok with the Tamron 100-400mm lens on my Canon EOS R6.

Outside, I was on ISO 100 and daylight white balance.  I was also on aperture priority.

Once I got inside the aquarium, I wondered how I was going to do it with the Tamron 100-400mm lens.   I opened up the aperture and set the ISO to auto.  Some of the aquarium images were outrageously high, as high at 50,000 and 102,400!   It would take some post processing to eliminate or control noise.

Back home, I edited mostly with Lightroom.

Sometimes I also use Luminar AI   But I think something new I tried really helped me with the noise issues.   Before editing, I took all the raw files and "enhanced" in Adobe Camera Raw.  Then I took those raw files and put them through the new DxO PureRaw.  If images showed some noise, the last resort was Topaz deNoise.  And, deNoise saved many of my images I captured from the aquarium.

What I should have done was bring a second lens, perhaps the Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 or the Canon 100mm macro lens.

Until My Next Adventure,

See you on down the road,

Jim Patterson

Click the photo below to see all the images I captured from  the zoo….

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