Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Las Vegas and Nelson and More

Photoshop World finally made it back to Las Vegas and I was there.  It's always great seeing fabulous photography instructors.  It's like an intense three semester hour graduate photography course.  

Before the regular conference, there were a number of pre-conference activities.  I went out to the ghost town of Nelson, Nevada, about an hour south and east of Las Vegas with famed sports photographer (and light painter) Dave Black.

Nelson.  I immediately thought of the television show "American Pickers."  There is old stuff, toys, cars, planes, all over the place.  We had some time to photograph with some daylight, then the fun really began when it got dark.  And it is D-A-R-K there.  I'm glad I had a light that went around my head because it was hard to see where I was walking.   

I photographed with a Canon EOS R and Canon 24-105mm RF lens.  Long exposures and sometimes even ISO that got as high as 3200.  

I got lucky on this image.  Notice the barn in the bottom left?  I had no idea somebody else was light painting that.  And the red that is on the bottom right?  That's from the bus.  

The other favorite night photo of mine has the Texaco sign just a bit too hot and in the bottom right another photographer.  Again, it was so dark I couldn't even tell.

I noticed an old phone booth, so I wandered in.  It said "Michigan Bell."  Now I grew up in Michigan.  I closed my eyes for a moment and though that hey maybe I used this phone back in Michigan?

During the conference, there was always something to photograph.  

Then just explore The Mirage, whether it was flowers, or guitars, or jewels....

And enjoy the dolphins and animals, too.

Until My Next Adventure,

See You On Down the Road,

Jim Patterson

Here's a slideshow of all of my photos.... ENJOY!

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