Monday, May 29, 2017

Cave Creek Balloon Festival 27 May 2017

I’ve photographed several Cave Creek Balloon festivals in the past.  This time it was warm!  In years past, it’s been held in the winter and one time it was so cold I had to keep my gloves on while photographing.  

The warm but pleasant weather brought out a huge crowd, probably the biggest ever.  It was held on the Rancho MaƱana golf course, which provided a lot of room for the ten+ balloons, concessions, and people.  

The event started with a fly-by.

Entertainment on the Sanderson Ford country music stage was provided by the Anglim Sisters.  

Yet another low light shooting situation.  I was able to handle it with my Canon 5D Mark IV and some grain control within Adobe Lightroom. 

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Photos from Flickr ... and, here are all the keeper photos!

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