Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show and Shopping Expo

Saturday 13 February 2016 marked the first time I ever visited the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show and Shopping Expo at Westworld on the north side of Scottsdale. 

First off, I was stunned at the size of the shopping expo.  Imagine huge rows and rows of storefronts selling saddles, and anything having to do with horses and riding. 

When first walking in, I saw people there from Liberty Wildlife.   Last summer I photographed their rescued eagle Sonora when taking the Verde Canyon Railroad.   This time around they featured a couple of owls.

Then it was time for the afternoon show.  I especially liked the young people on their beautiful horses. 

Until My Next Adventure

See You On Down The Road!

Here are all the keeper photos!

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