Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Manfrotto Pro Light Camera Backpack: 3N1-35PL

Front View of the 3N1-35PL
Photographers, go ahead and look in your closet.  How many camera bags do you have?  How many have you tried?  Like you, I’ve seemingly tried them all and most if not all have been lacking.  I settled on one “holster” type case for my one-lens travels, but what about longer trips where I needed a few lenses, a flash, and a tripod? 
Perhaps I’ve found my last bag and you will too. 

It’s the Manfrotto Pro Light Camera Backpack 3N1-35PL.

I’ve had a chance to use it over the last month or so. 
Back of the Bag Showing Shoulder Straps

This bag is NOT huge.  Most people think oh it’s gotta be big.  Nope.  And it’s NOT heavy!  That’s another thing.  I don’t need to lug around even more weight.  The construction is sturdy.  This thing is not going to rip apart on you.  When you are carrying around several thousand dollars worth of equipment you can’t be worrying about whether or not the bag can hold up.  This one can. 
Huge Top Pocket

Now, it’s got pockets.  And pockets.  And places to put things.  One of my complaints, if you can call it that,  is that I had to remember where I stuck things!  Is it that pocket?  No.  Try another.  But you learn over time.  So it’s not that big of a deal.  If you travel with a laptop, you will like this bag, too.  It has a nice very padded pocket that will fit a 15-inch or smaller laptop. 
Bag With Manfrotto Tripod

OK, one more complaint.  The zippers.  My suggestion?  Take some WD-40 and put it on a rag and rub it across the zippers.  It will make opening and closing the pockets so much easier.  Otherwise, you end up tugging at them, not that any of it would break or tear but it’s a minor inconvenience until you put some light lube on the zippers.  NOT TOO MUCH!  You don’t want to stain the bag. 

So how much can the bag hold?  For its size, it can carry a lot.  The bag can easily hold my Canon 5D Mark III with the 70-200mm lens attached.  There is a side pocket that makes it easy to get at, sort of like a sling.  In my bag, I can easily fit in another lens or two, my Canon 600 EX-RT flash, a flash cord, and a few flash modifiers.  On the outside of the bag you can attach a tripod and it comes with these little leg holders at the bottom for a secure fit. 
I'm Ready to Go With My Manfrotto Backpack!

Do you have gadgets and you don’t know where to stick them?  This bag had a huge pocket at the top.  I put in a Sto-Fen, cords, batteries, charger, cable release, a notebook, pens, a loupe, you name it right there. 
My Laptop Has Plenty of Room

Is the bag comfortable to walk around in?  Yes, and you have choices.  You can set it up like I did to sling over your shoulder (either right or left) or pull out both straps and carry it like a traditional backpack.

What if it rains?  You are all set because this bag comes with a rain cover. 

Follow up:  One more fix to the bag.  Get a cheap bungee cord for your tripod and attach the top to the handle on the top for more stability.  Otherwise, your tripod is going to flop around some.  I went to ACE and picked up a bungee cord for $1.49.  But really, a simple extra strap on the bag would do nicely.

The Manfrotto Pro Light 3N1-35PL, strong, lightweight, maybe your last bag ever!

Until My Next Adventure, 

See You On Down The Road!

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