Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Odysea Aquarium Scottsdale

Over the last year or so, I watched the construction of a new aquarium in Scottsdale called Odysea.  The building is next to Butterfly Wonderland, a place I photographed earlier.  

I can't see hitting both of these venues in one day.  There is a lot to see and do, so I'd suggest this is a two day adventure.  Definitely worth it!  

Be prepared to walk!  The aquarium is huge.  For photographers, this is low light.  And weird, unpredictable, colored light.  Take your fastest lens.  I used the 24-105mm Canon lens.  Focus in low light was still a challenge.  I might have considered taking my Canon f/1.8 "nifty fifty" lens.  I wish I had thought about it; I could have put that little beauty in my pocket.  

Until My Next Adventure,

See You On Down the Road!

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