Saturday, April 17, 2021

Barrel Racing in Wickenburg's Rancho Rio 15 April 2021

I've photographed team roping at Rancho Rio in the past, so I was familiar with the arena.   A great ride of less than an hour from my Phoenix home.   

Barrel racing is one of the main events the ladies participate in at rodeos.   They bring a lot of passion and skill to the sport.

The town of Wickenburg is just a bit up the way from Rancho Rio.  It has a very welcoming western flavor.   And, the area is somewhat cooler than Phoenix.  I checked the weather and the high in Phoenix on the 15th wa 81 and the high in Wickenburg was 77.  

Enjoy the views around barrel racing this day!

Until My Next Adventure,

See you on down the road,

Jim Patterson

Click the photo below to see all the images from team roping from Wickenburg....

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