Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Cozumel-Caymans-Jamaica on RC Liberty of the Seas

The Texas School of Professional Photography sponsored a Caribbean cruise February 2019 that visited Cozumel, the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica, courtesy of the Liberty of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship.  

The first port of call was Cozumel, where we had a private party aboard a pirate ship!  This was just flat out fun and silly.  The pirates aboard fed us food and grog and we all danced... many snorkeled in the calm sea.  For really no good reason, I stayed aboard ship thinking I'd have something to photograph.  All I got was tiny bouncing heads in the water.  Lesson learned.  

Our second stop was George Town in the Caymans, a British West Indies territory.  We visited "Hell" which... well, take a look below.  

And, the Caymans glass bottom boat.  The captain of the ship donned scuba gear and went below to feed the fish.

Our last stop was Jamaica, where we visited the Green Grotto and Dunn's River Falls.

A few highlights onboard included an ice show.  And a galley tour with Sous Chef Ramone.  "Yeah Mon!"  So this is how they feed thousands of guests in three decks every day!

Until My Next Adventure,

See You On Down the Road!

... And all the photos from the trip!

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